Dotty Flamingo

I am Juliet Flynn; a.k.a. Dotty Flamingo! I gained a degree in Three Dimensional Design from MMU and then trained as a teacher of Design Technology, specialising in Graphic Products. During my 5 years of teaching in Preston I became a massive fan of the brilliant Laser Cutter!

As a bit of a sideline to teaching I decided to set up my own little business, making and selling all the ideas which constantly popped into my head. So after I had my 2 little boys I decided to take a break from teaching, set up on my own and try to work flexibly around my family life.

So here I am; setting up a website, keeping my facebook page up to date and generally being creative. When I'm not running after my little tinkers or trying to make friends with my pet chickens you'll find me sitting in my garage cutting up acrylic and packing orders into bright pink shiny bubble bags. And I love it!

Dotty xx

P.S. Where did the name Dotty Flamingo come from?'d have to ask my crazy friends!


IDF Enterprises T/A Dotty Flamingo

Company Number: 4513568



Custom designs

Have you got a great idea? Do you need a specific piece of jewellery? Please contact me! There are endless possibilities. If you can imagine it, draw it or explain it then I'll make it! Dotty xx


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