Dotty Flamingo

Shark attack (Jaws!) brooch

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water......

One of my all-time favourite items! Made using coloured acrylic, a genuine (unfortunate!) lego lady

As standard this is a brooch, but let me know if you'd like it on a necklace, this can be arranged! Just tell me in the 'leave a note for the seller' box.

Lego lady may vary from picture!

Custom designs

Have you got a great idea? Do you need a specific piece of jewellery? Please contact me! There are endless possibilities. If you can imagine it, draw it or explain it then I'll make it! Dotty xx


Gift tags

Sorry to my flamingo followers, I've not really got the hang of keeping a blog up to date! But I thought I would share a photo of some lovely gift...

A flamingo collective!

This weekend I was staying with some lovely friends in Brighton. We took our mini people to a Zoo/Park called Drusillas. As well as having a great time I learnt...